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I'm interested in purchasing a design package, why do I have to accept the policies during the order process as well as fax a signed copy to you?
It is important to us that you fully understand our policies with regards to our design packages and design process. While clicking to accept our policies during the order process bounds you to the policies, requesting that you fax in a signed copy as well insures us that you have fully read them and understand.

I'm interested in purchasing a design package, if I am unhappy with the design can I get a refund?
Once the design process begins design fees become non-refundable. Because the templates offered on our site are exactly what a clients site will look like when it goes live, or if we are using a clients existing design, clients know up front how their site will look and function, therefore it is extremely important that clients take their time when choosing a template for their website to insure they are completely happy with the design, and spend time with one of our representatives asking as many questions necessary to insure your satisfaction. Additionally, we offer a free 20 day trial which allows you to fully experience how everything works from the backend.

What if I want to change my site to a new template down the road?
This is not a problem. We all like change now and then! We charge a one time fee of $250.00 plus the cost for the new template.

How long does it normally take for the delivery of my new web site if I purchase a design package?
This can depend on the type of the template that you are choosing with your design package. Sites with Flash headers can sometimes take longer than plain html templates, but if it is a complicated html template than it could take longer than the flash version. It also depends on the design package you choose, the number of pages of your site, how many add-ons you choose, as well the amount of time it takes you to provide us with the content of your pages and any changes you decide prior to us publishing your pages for a final time. We always set a two week turn around for a full web site but generally it is much sooner. If we will be using a clients existing design, these generally go much faster since the design is already in place. You will be able to view the progress of your web site through the entire process.

What if I choose the smallest design package now, but want to add additional pages later, is this possible and if so, how much will it cost?
With our website design packages, you have total control over your web page content therefore you can add additional pages yourself at any time you wish without incurring any additional cost. The backend of your site includes a full User Manual that contains instructions for each aspect of managing your web pages and any features included in your account. Additionally, we are here to assist you as much as you need.

What if I decide to move to a new hosting provider, can I take my pages with me?
Generally the answer to this question would be no it is not possible. However, although not an easy process, depending on your knowledge of PHP and MySQL programming it is possible. If you are completely knowledgeable then it is possible for you to move your entire site to another server. We provide no assistance with moving your site other than giving you access to the backend of your hosting account for access to MySQL. Additionally, at the point of your move we would no longer take responsibility for script updates or any maintenance. Our services are available for clients hosted on our services. Regardless, the template that you select for your design package is yours to keep. However, the template itself is licensed to the domain name it was ordered for only.

Can I use the web site template for another domain name?
Not unless you buy another license for the template and only if it is still available. Just like with computer software, templates are not re-distributable and are covered by strict licenses and agreements. Click here to view these agreements.

I have more questions, who do I contact?
Click the Live Assistance Link located on any of our pages during operating hours and one of our live representatives will be happy to assist you. Or click here and submit your questions via our sales inquiry form and a representative will respond to you promptly.


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