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Our Network Options Center (NOC) is located in one of the 2 main Telco Hotel vaults in Atlanta - with access to all the major fiber and IP backbones and the highest quality of power and security in the city.

Our NOC uses industry-standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and provides round-the-clock monitoring of all hardware, including routers, switches, UPS systems, and servers. Our Network Operations Center also monitors power, environmental factors (such as temperature and humidity), generator status, and network connectivity. All critical services/ports are monitored, including FTP, HTTP, SMTP, HTTPS, SSH, TELNET, and POP3.

We provide network monitoring of the Local Area Network, Internet connectivity (all routers, switches, and wiring), and the Internet backbone via MRTG.

Our close and constant communication with our upstream backbone providers ensures that our customers have constant access to high-performance connections for their web sites. Failure on any monitoring service results in audible alarms, LAN messages, and alerting our staff paging system.

Server Software & Hardware

All of our servers utilize the Red Hat™ Linux operating system. Red Hat™ Linux is a highly configurable system, and well known for speed and stability. Red Hat™ Linux servers have been documented to remain operating for up to one year at a time without even requiring a reboot. The Apache™ Web Server nicely compliments the Red Hat™ Linux Operating System.

All servers are Dual Opteron's, each running with 2 gigs of ram, and multiple hard drives with RAID I. We limit the number of shared hosting accounts on each server to 300 accounts. Servers are replaced yearly and hardware upgraded without interruption to service.

Network Information
All of our servers are connected via a dedicated 100mbps line.

• 99.999% Reliability
• Uninterruptable power supplies and generator backup
• Dual Liebert provided consistent temperature and humidity range in the data center
• State of the art data center ID system and security including video surveillance and recording
• Redundant Cisco BGP routing and switching infrastructure with cold spares allows for equipment failure with no interruption of service and timely replacement of the failed item
• State of the art monitoring system for all servers and network devices with instant failure notification

We believe in a few large pipes of quality providers to handle spikes in traffic and the occasional DoS attack as well as unknown traffic patterns in the case of a primary link failure. This is why our network minimum Internet backbone connection is 1 gig pipes. We currently have 6 backbone providers. Our current network consists of Gigabit links to Abovenet, Allegiance, Aleron, Global Crossing, IBIS7, and Telia. Your customers and you will not get bottlenecks due to small pipes.


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