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Domain Name Registration
It is our goal to make our clients online presence an easy and affordable choice and our registration services are an extension of this goal by making it a part of our all-in-one service.


$30.50 per year
$35.50 per year
$35.50 per year
$35.50 per year
$35.50 per year
$35.50 per year

How do I register my domain name?
Simply submit our order form where you can request your registration at the same time you order your hosting account or if you are already a Web Host It hosting client just visit the Account Management Area where you can register as many domain names as you like by submitting the register new domain name form.

NOTE: We only provide domain registrations to our hosting clients.


When you register or transfer your current registration to our domain registration services you enjoy the following benefits:

Registration up to 10 years Register your domain names from 1 to 10 years.

Guaranteed Auto Renewal - Prevents loss of domain name. At the time you register or transfer your domain registration to our registration services you can elect to have your domain registration automatically renewed each year for as long as you are a hosting client - this means no more worries that you missed a renewal notice. There is no fee for this option.

Private Whois Registration - When you register any domain name, ICANN requires that your information be made available for anyone to find on the web. Telemarketers, spammers, marketers, and often other people with bad intent mine the Whois database to collect your personal information. Private Registration protects your information by hiding it from public access. This option is available for $9.95 per year for each domain name you choose this option for. Currently Private Registrations are available for .com, .net., .org, .info, and .biz registrations only.

Free Registration Transfer from your current registrar. You can transfer any or all of your domain registrations to our registration services for easy management and control of all of your domain names in one location. Transfers do require a 1 year renewal for each domain name transferred.

Free Domain Name Parking Do you have other domain names registered but no where for them to be parked? Park them at our name servers at no charge! Additionally, many of our hosting plans offer a certain number of free pointers which allows you to point your extra domain names to your hosted domain, providing them with email capabilities.

Easy Domain Registration Management Our client log in area has all the necessary forms which assist you in modifying contact records, renewing registrations, registering new domain names, and more.

No Hassle Ownership Many services that you utilize to register your domain names, put the domain registration in their name, making it difficult for you to manage or move your registration elsewhere, or even move to a new hosting service. With our registration services you are listed as the owner and you keep 100% control over your domain names.

Your domain name is already registered? This is not an issue. Regardless of where your domain name was registered, you have the choice to host it with a web hosting provider of your choice. When you choose Web Host It for your web hosting solutions we will assist you with making the neccessary modifications to the current name servers for your domain name so that it will come live on your hosting account on our servers. You also have the option to transfer your registration over to our registration services at no cost to you!

Please visit our Registration F.A.Q.'s where we answer frequently asked questions about registering your domain name with us.


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